A word is worth a thousand bullets”,

A picture is worth a thousand words"&

A mosaic creation is

worth a thousand pictures”.

    As a young adult, her inspiration for art began by doing the art of needlepoint. For many years she designed many colorful

and unique looking blankets and baskets.

When she was 25 years old she came to the United States,

not knowing what the future had in hold for her.

 she went to her son's elementary school to help in his class as a classroom mom. That day his class had an art project in designing a mosaic piece.


That is where she was first introduced to the art of mosaic and that is what began her next step in life in designing and creating mosaic pieces.

She belief’s that everything happens for a reason

and that she was meant to go to her son's class that day in order to bring out a hidden talent that she did not had implanted in herself.


She found that creating mosaic pieces allows her to

hold a sense of freedom that would be impossible to express with words.

She enjoys the problem solving of the design point, and collaborating with architects, designers and other contractors.


Mosaics are our art, our expression and our passion. Art is reflected in her cooking and baking where she combines color, texture, taste, and wonderful presentations.

Her husband and she felt that they should share their custom mosaic art creations with everyone, and that is where the idea of this website began. We hope you enjoy viewing our work as much as we do creating it.

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