Custom Design Mirror Tile

Photo Frames, Guest book, Album, Hamsa and Gift


Personalized Frames to celebrate your 

Bar-Mitzvah/ Bat-Mitzvah/Wedding

Custom made with beautiful and magical design

colorful mirror tile,

crystal Rhinestone or shells

The Exceptional Unique Gift

If you are looking for a novel way to memorialize a special

event and add an exceptional touch to your child’s


Bar or Bat Mitzvah, weddingAnniversary or....... 

you have come to the right place.

Why not give a gift that will always

be remembered and treasured always?

Personalized Frames


Beautiful frames made with

color mirrors


Custom Mosaic Picture Frame 


    Mosaic tiles,

Stained glass, Color Mirror Tile & Shells


Bar, Bat Mitzvah or Wedding gift


Unique Gift


Wedding Guest Books

Wedding Photo album

Custom Mirror Tile Guestbook  & PhotoAlbums 


With supreme 

color mirror tiles

 I design and create one-of-a kind

guest books and photo albums

that is embossed with

 Star of David or

 two love heart or etc.




This unique look will capture the attention of everyone who

walks by,

 drawing all eyes to this exquisite and albums.

Design for

Bar & Bat Mitzvah

Wedding Guest Books


Having a guest book has been a long standing tradition

at weddings, or...


A guest book gives guests a chance to write down their good wishes

for the bride and groom.


 Custom  Mirror Tile Design Hamsa

The Hamsa or "protecting hand"

is believed to be a way of averting and getting protection from the evil eye, or in general, as a way of summoning assistance from the "Hand of G-d".



These lovely wall hanging superior Hamsa is for good luck.

It is a beautifully designed piece with Blue Color Mirror Tile.

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