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    Custom Mosaic Design Art Tile House/ Santa Monica  


In Los Angeles, hairstylist Janelle puts her landmark water tower home up against designer Mark's modern cube house, basketball wife Juliannah's super-sized Mediterranean estate, and tile artist Louise's mosaic masterpiece.


1) Mosaic Tile House in Santa Monica / Four Houses/ Part 1


2)  Mosaic Tile House / Santa Monica / 4 Houses/ Part 2/ /Mark’s House

3) Mosaic Tile House/ Santa Monica /Four Houses/ part 3/ Louise's House

4)  Mosaic Tile House /Santa Monica/ Four Houses/ Part 4/ Janelle's House

5) Mosaic Tile House / Santa Monica /Four Houses/ Part 5/ Julian’s House

6)  Mosaic Tile House / Santa Monica / Four Houses/ part 6/

Final Day



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            1) What's With That House?

       2)  Home Strange Home

This is a Farsi Blog from Iran that I found my information.

One of the visitors took these pictures from my house and sends it to me.

Please follow the link

“A couple of mosaic artists, do custom designs, live in their artful house and share their talents with the public. On a Saturday in January, 2010 we took a look. 

Mosaic Covered House - Los Angeles, CA

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Custom Projects Are My Specialty With Your Taste Of Design.